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Datenblatt HD Photo Panel Drucken


Modell:  HD photo panel


Modell Nr.: HD Foto Panel Farbe: glänzend weiß, glänzend klare, Matte White Style: kreative Nutzung: Dekoration angepasst: individuell unterschiedlicher Form: verfügbaren Features-2: wasserdichte Features-4: Scratch Resistance Transportpaket: Karton Paket Herkunft: Guangdong China Type: Home Dekoration Funktion: umweltfreundliches Material: Metall Anlass: Feier Größe: verfügbaren Funktionen-1: High Definition Metall Drucke Features-3: extrem langlebig Scratch resistente Oberfläche Marke: Wunderboard Spezifikation: innerhalb von 1,2 * 2,4 m Blatt HD Panel Fotodruck
WunderBoard aluminium sublimation panels are designed to showcase fine art high definition photo prints with the most 
brilliant colours, highest dynamic range and best contrasts 
of all available printing technologies.
Size: Any/Every Size From 2x3" to 48x48", Including Custom
Surfaces: Gloss White, Matte White,Gloss Clear,Matte Clear
Display Options: Table Top Easel, Shadow Mount Duo 
      Display Set, Two Keyholes Shadow Mount Duo Display Set, 
      Hanging Hardware, and More
Character: Scratch Resistant, Stain and UV Resistant, 
      Long Lasting

Produkt Features
In Contrastto normale direkte Flachbett Druck auf Composite Materialien, WunderBoard ist eine Sublimation-Board, die Fotos sind Transferred
durch eine bedruckte Transferpapier in einer Transferpresse. Die Sublimation Transfer Ergebnisse auf WunderBoard Sublimation Paneele sind nicht Only
Brilliantand der herausragende Farbtiefe, aber auch sehr langlebig und strapazierfähig.

erhältlich in vier Surfaces
unverwechselbare Oberflächen jeweils mit ihren eigenen einzigartigen Merkmale.

                Gloss White
Brilliant gloss white surface for unsurpassed detail and vibrance. This is an marvelous finish for any subject, including natual, landscapes, water scenes, etc.
             Gloss Clear
Metal shows through the image, 
giving our clear surfaces a unique translucent luminescence.
Designed to showcase photos 
inblack and white.
               Matt White
Same as gloss clear, but with matte finish with minimal glare.
Display fine art or landscape
images under direct light and watch images come to life.
                   Matt Clear
Similar color intensity and detail 
as our gloss white option, with 
reduced glare. Best choice for 
portraits, weddings or anytime 
surface reflection is a concern.

erhältlich in verschiedenen Corners

erhältlich in verschiedenen hängenden System
                 Table Top Easel
This easel mount can stands your print 
on any desk or table.
     Shadow Mount Duo Display Set
Made out of CARB friendly wood, this blocks includes two keyholes and double-sided adhesive to easily attach and hang a WunderBoard metal print.
                 Hanging Hardware
The hanging hardware acts as a spacer between your picture and the wall, giving your HD metal print the appearance of floating.

Available Size
WunderBoard können nach Maß sein in jeder Größe zwischen 2 x 3" und 48 x 48". Wir bieten auch verschiedene Layouts, die Sie wählen.

WunderBoard HD Metalprints - Ihre Wahl der Gloss White, matt weiß, klaren Glanz oder Matt Clear
Size(in) Description Size(in) Description
2 x 3'' Photo panel 16 x 32''  Photo panel
4 x 4" Square photo Panel 16 x 64''  Photo panel
4 x 6" Photo panel 18 x 36''  Photo panel
5 x 5" Square photo Panel 20 x 20''  Square Photo panel
5 x 7" photo Panel 20 x 24''  Photo panel
5 x 10" photo Panel 20 x 30'' Photo panel
5 x 11" Photo panel 20 x 30''  Photo panel
6 x 6" Square photo Panel 20 x 80''  Photo panel
8 x 8" Square Photo panel 24 x 24''  Square Photo panel
8 x 10" Photo panel 24 x 36''  Photo panel
 8 x 12" Photo panel 24 x 72''  Photo panel
 9 x 21" Photo panel 24 x 96''  Photo panel
10 x 10" Square photo Panel 30 x 30''  Square Photo panel
 10 x 20" photo Panel 30 x 60'' Square Photo panel
10 x 30" photo Panel 30 x 90''  Photo panel
11 x 11" Square photo Panel 32 x 40''  Photo panel
11 x 14" Photo panel 32 x 40"  Photo panel
11 x 17" Photo panel 36 x 36"  Square Photo panel
11.75 x 11.75" Square Photo panel 36 x 54"  Photo panel
12 x 12" Square Photo panel 38 x 64"  Photo panel
12 x 18" Photo panel 38 x 58"  Photo panel
12 x 24" photo Panel 40 x 55"  Photo panel
14 x 18" Photo panel 40 x 60" Square Photo panel
15 x 15" Square photo Panel 40 x 80"  Photo panel
15 x 18.75" Photo panel 42 x 56"  Photo panel
15 x 60" Photo panel 44 x 66" Square Photo panel
15 x 90" Photo panel 45 x 60"  Photo panel
16 x 16" Square Photo panel 47.3 x 68"  Photo panel
16 x 20" Photo panel 47.3 x 94.5"  Photo panel
16 x 24" photo Panel 48 x 48''  Photo panel

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